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ACUTE Rehab Medical Technology

Up-to-date, high-tech equipment is key to every medical specialty. This is especially true of rehabilitative care. At Acute Rehabilitation Hospital of Plano, we’ve invested in the most innovative and advanced rehabilitative technology and equipment.

Just as is the case with every procedure our Plano Hospital employs and every action we take as part of a patient’s rehabilitative plan, the technologies we utilize contribute to excellent patient functional independence and outcomes.

Some of our advanced technologies include:

AlterG® – Anti-gravity Treadmill
Biodex Balance System™
Biodex Partial Body-Weight Support Gait Training System™
Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) for gait training and treatment of Drop-foot
MRK 0220 OmniCycle Elite – Device Leave-Behind Card
MRK 0444 OmniSWD – Device Leave-Behind
MRK 0445 OmniVersa – Device Leave Behind Card
OmniSWD Referral Flyer
OmniSWD Spec Sheet
OmniVersa Referral Flyer
OmniVersa Spec Sheet


Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation
VitalStim® Therapy

OmniStand® is a Fall-safe Dynamic Balance System

Acute Rehabilitation Hospital of Plano is pleased to announce the implementation of the OmniStand® as part of the our physical therapy programming! This fall-safe system provides adjustable, dynamic sway to challenge patients while keeping them safely supported.