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Choosing the Best Inpatient Rehabilitation for Your Patient

As a healthcare professional, you understand that choosing a comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program for your patient is the best practice to ensure the highest possible level of functional outcome in an efficient amount of time. Patients admitted to an acute inpatient hospital are three times more likely to return home to an independent lifestyle than those admitted to a skilled nursing facility.

The quality of the chosen rehabilitation program is the key factor when it comes to your patients’ timely return to active life in the community. Acute Rehabilitation Hospital of Plano is a top-notch acute rehabilitation hospital accredited by CIHQ as a Center of Excellence in Rehab Services and Stroke. Our team of highly qualified physicians, therapists and nurses ensure best outcomes for your patient using the most current and advanced methods and technology delivered in a comfortable professional environment.

Acute Rehabilitation Hospital of Plano prides itself on an individual, comprehensive and highly effective approach to patient care. Every program of recovery is personalized to meet the needs of each patient’s diagnosis and condition. We provide referring physicians and case managers, as well as family members, with frequent updates on patient progress. This fully coordinated effort results in superior rehabilitative care for your patient.

If you are interested in referring your patient to our excellent inpatient rehabilitation hospital, call our admissions office today.

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