Patients and Family

Superior Care

An illness, injury or surgery can have a significant impact—not just for the patient, but for his or her family, too. We understand that healing can be a team project, and are committed to providing top quality rehabilitation services backed by compassion, support and education for both the patient and their loved ones.
At the beginning of your rehabilitation experience, you’ll be introduced to your own specialized team of therapy providers. Rehabilitation nurses, specialized physicians and a variety of highly trained therapists will take into account your specific needs and goals and create a personalized treatment plan for you. Next, your therapy team will guide you through this plan, on a timeline that is also suited for you personally. The comprehensive rehabilitation program you undergo will provide you with knowledge and tools that will serve you during and after your rehabilitation, helping you attain the highest recovery level possible physically, emotionally and socially.

Family members of your choosing will be kept in the loop throughout, provided with education and encouraged to participate in treatment. Together, we will all focus on returning you, the patient, to the freedom and rewards of an independent life.